What is Goat Academy?

EarthYou’ll see in the upcoming posts just what Gootugo means!  For now, know that it’s short for going from Goo (a mess) to Go (the ability to go somewhere in life.  Welcome to this blog!

I invented this map for clients, but its concepts are something I use myself (and have for many years). I simply matched it with the alphabet so it would be easier to remember.

There are two sections, Goo and Go. The “Goo” section helps me to examine troublesome thoughts and emotions (which lead to behavior and experience). The “Go” section reminds me how to change those thoughts and emotions. So A = automatic thoughts, B = Behavior, C = Consequences, E = Emotions, and so on. (The Goo section is A – F, and Go is G – L.)

As you read and use this map, please leave your comments, giving actual examples of ways it served you, what you did, and how you did it. I’ll do the same. Whenever I have used Gootugo in a concrete way, I’ll blog about it in The Expert Within. 

Fair enough?  A deeper understanding states of mind and ways of being can help unravel them enough for us to disentangle and allow for changes to take place.