Leap of Faith. (Or maybe love self–I gotta decide.  But for now, Leap of Faith.)

Leap of Faith:  an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved.  That’s the dictionary definition.

I have a little different definition.  Leap of Faith, for me, is acting “as if” what I want to happen, has already happened.  Taking one of the statements below, written affirmations.  (Affirmations are written to adjust thoughts and beliefs I don’t like, and they are normally diametrically opposed to thoughts I continually think, but want to change.)

So in doing  Leap of Faith, I would invent ways to act out the statements I currently consider not to be true, as if they are true.  Why?  To encourage events to shift an change.  Magnetism (and malleability) of reality is more and more accepted as an honest-to-goodness phenomenon.  

How can I act out, in real life, this statement: “I have something to offer the word; and it’s based on my unique ways of thinking and communicating?”  Here’s my plan.  I’ll talk about it much more than I do now.  I’d put forward my ideas with excitement and enthusiasm, whereas now I tend to keep these ideas to myself.  Writing this blog (and the blog named Gootugo) with excitement and enthusiasm, sharing it with people important to me, and even asking people to read and test the ideas written about on my behalf, are all ways of acting “as if.”

And every time I respond to events that emerge, I suspend reality.  If reading my written words (in a writers’ group, for example), doesn’t drum up comments, praise, or feedback, I don’t jump to conclusions.  I don’t automatically tell myself (like I may do now), that what I’ve just read doesn’t have merit.  Instead, I’ll choose to think that that silence is reflecting the quiet consideration of my ideas, that the change in topic is  drummed up stream of conscious-style interest.  Get the idea?

I can also use another trick.  Given that the material world doesn’t change instantly, I can assume that there is a lag time causing events to hang back in their former state, while my thoughts, beliefs, and associated emotions and actions have leaped ahead because of my concerted efforts (and my burgeoning bright future).

Here’s another one:  “The place I’m in feels like perfection.”  I have a number of ways to “practice” this emerging reality (and suspend the truth of my far-from-perfect life.)  One opportunity happens a number of times each day, when someone says “how are you?”  Do I respond “okay?”  Fine?  No, I say “great!”, and if a look of surprise ensues, I’ll take it as an invitation to elaborate.  And if I’ve kept up with my gratitude journal, I’ll have plenty of material.

“I’m a powerful creator (drawn to combine words and images in a unique way).”  No problem there.  Just do it, right?   Ditto  “I’m doing short videos and drawings illustrating some  complex but useful concepts.”  And if I can’t do it, because of time limitations or too many directions to move in, I’ll do what I can, adding an image here and doing a drawing there.  Or, in a pinch, I can just imagine the excitement of doing it.

To summarize, I just took the statements below and told you how to “act out” their reality, when the evidence of their reality hasn’t kept pace with my desires.  Want to give it a try?  Write one affirmation, and then describe how you will act “as if.”  Then share it here in the comments section.

2.  I have something to offer the word; its based on my unique ways of thinking and communicating.

7.  This place feels like perfection.

8.  I’m a powerful creator.  I put words and images together in the way I’ve always been drawn to do, and in a way that speaks to others.

9.  I’m doing short videos and drawings illustrating some of the complex but useful concepts I want to share.

12.  When I go to Google Analytics, I see the list of visitors to my site growing by leaps and bounds.

13.  A very high percentage of those visitors leave comments.

14.  If I choose to share these affirmations, they inspire others to write their own.

17.  I enjoy the process of becoming.