Key Strategies

Know Excitement (Yours)

Key: Excitement (Yours)

Emotion… e-motion… energy-motion are the builders of the house,
that bring the blueprint into manifestation.
That’s why excitement is so important,
that’s why every emotion activates the strongest belief it is aligned to.

And so now you’ve become experts
at being someone other than yourself.

When you are happy because that’s what you want to be,
and I mean truly the vibration of happiness,
not just pretending… not just covering it up…
“Oh, yes… I’m v-e-r-y happy”,
not just in denial of things you need to feel… things you need to face,
fears that you need to experience in order to integrate them,
that’s not what I’m talking about… I’m not talking about avoidance,
I am talking about the idea of true vibrations of joy and happiness.

I will tell you this in all honesty and earnestness…
make a friend of the unknown… the unknown is the only place,
and I mean this with all my heart,
the unknown is the only place you will ever actually discover
your true self.
Period. Take that to heart.

know what excites you and do it

Key: Know what excites you (and do it)

Key: Know (what is) Exciting (to) you (and do it).

*Key: Know what Excitement is Yours

Key: Know excitement is yours.

whenever you act on any opportunity
that presents itself into you life synchronistically,
that contains the highest degree of excitement,
what you are saying is,
“Yes, I believe in who I was created to be,

By acting on your joy you are making a statement to the Universe:
“This is who I am… support me as you have always supported me
in whatever degree of belief I had”.

Kiwi: Know it will inspire