Judy’s Elements cards are beautiful in their artistry and simplicity. They served as a wonderful nudge for my conscious and subconscious thoughts, and as a powerful springboard for her intuitive reading about my feelings and circumstances. I left my reading with a new clarity about my purpose and the next steps to take on my journey toward a more meaningful life. Judy has a gentle, sensitive way of asking the right questions and combining the cards with your answers to give valuable guidance. A lovely and important experience for me.

— Lynne K.

I was having trouble deciding whether my current schedule and habits were the most advantageous to my desire to build my business-coaching practice. I needed reassurance or a “heads up, steer clear!” I hadn’t worked with a card system in years. Judy took the reigns and expertly interpreted what each element had to say about my situation. That’s not something I could’ve done by myself. I can tell she’s fluent in interpreting what the cards had to say. They are a great tool for piecing together a conversation about a person’s current state of being/living. I was amazed by how accurate her assessment was, and she had astute observations.  I could tell she knows her craft well. Hire her when you’d like your confusing life decoded and you want to make sure whether you’ve taken the sane lane or think your internal GPS misfired!  The cards would also be a great way for a person to figure out what they want to work on in therapy- in much less time.

Elizabeth KJ, Coach

I have dabbled a bit with a set of Celtic Tarot cards but never got much from them.  Then I had Judy do a reading with HER created cards and Wow, that was really revealing! Not only did the cards speak great truth and wisdom, Judy’s insights were spot on and gave me a place to focus my energies for the growth I was seeking.  It was fun, informative, and gave me tools and direction to move forward with. I recommend you check out these simple but powerful love-infused cards in a reading with Judy and her intuition and insight for yourself. Very enlightening!

Nina Potter, Coach

Thank you so much for participating in the retreat and the lovely offerings of readings you gave to each of us. That made the day so special! Thank you!

I really enjoyed the reading you gave me and found the information to be very accurate. Everything you shared was in line with my own feelings and intuition. I also found the simplicity of your cards both in imagery and concepts to be so refreshing. It made the information feel so clear and precise. I have been pondering the information for the past few days as I formulate my next moves with my career and life work. Its always helpful to get insight and support from others! So I am very grateful for what you shared with me.

—Dana Coggin, Sacred Spiral Path

Incredibly personable and engaging, Judith is not your predictable fortune-teller type of reader.  Instead, she is therapeutic and interactive, and offers true “ah-ha” moments and messages to think on.  Her strength is in asking follow up questions and sharing information that helps with specific problem-solving and perception issues.


I love this! This is really inspiring.  I can’t wait to get the cards and do a reading. 

—Maryann Sullivan

Judy Driscoll has created a Do-it-Yourself concept, a way for readers to introduce themselves to the concept of personal inquiry via sound therapeutic principles.  Translated into layman’s language, her cards concept is as simply understood as a hand of poker.  

As though inviting you into a friendly game of cards, she provides an opportunity to see the tools of psychological transformation, makes you want to draw another card, and enables you to see how your own path can change.  Who has ever heard of psychotherapy being FUN?  The Elements System provides an opportunity to safely explore our psychological origins at our own pace, and shows us how to dig a little deeper with each card we draw.

There will never be enough therapists to help all those in our population needing some degree of individual therapy. How fortunate we all are to have people who care about others enough to invest the time and energy to share this kind of wisdom.  

Cut the cards, deal yourself in, and really understand what has caused you to be, or to not be, your real self.

Phil Peterson Sr.

Judy’s Elements cards and readings are a true gift!  She is grounded, insightful and able to help you see beyond a problem or issue that you may have thought there was no answer to. Her Elements cards are beautiful and playful, but they work on an incredibly deep level and are an amazing tool that can help you get to the heart of what you are seeking to change or understand. Judy’s journey and self-discovery, as well as her scientific and academic training, have given her a unique perspective and insight into the nature of beliefs and how a deeper understanding of yourself can help you make changes and shifts in your life. Judy helped me to see the real cause behind a long-standing health issue that I just could not get to the bottom of. Before we even got halfway through the reading I had the answer I needed, and one that I had been searching years for. She is kind, caring and easy to talk with. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Judy and her Elements cards. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Judy! 

—Suzanne Hamilton

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