Judy’s Elements cards are beautiful in their artistry and simplicity. They served as a wonderful nudge for my conscious and subconscious thoughts, and as a powerful springboard for her intuitive reading about my feelings and circumstances.

I left my reading with a new clarity about my purpose and the next steps to take on my journey toward a more meaningful life.

Judy has a gentle, sensitive way of asking the right questions and combining the cards with your answers to give valuable guidance. A lovely and important experience for me. — Lynne K.

I have dabbled a bit with a set of Celtic Tarot cards but never got much from them.  Then I had Judy do a reading with HER created cards and Wow, that was really revealing! 

Not only did the cards speak great truth and wisdom, Judy’s insights were spot on and gave me a place to focus my energies for the growth I was seeking.  It was fun, informative, and gave me tools and direction to move forward with. 

I recommend you check out these simple but powerful love-infused cards in a reading with Judy and her intuition and insight for yourself. Very enlightening!                     –Nina Potter, Coach

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