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In a garden, tools help us change what is not right—we can dig up weeds, break up soil, and move it around.  In a reading, Tools give us methods to change the soil of our minds; we can shift thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to those that will help us create a life that is more to our liking. Tools shift our outlook on life, an outlook that is at the core of our personalities. Tools can help us act with greater empowerment, more peace, and more love. In short, Tools help us to “harvest” change in our lives and to “cure” or “preserve” it. 

A garden tool shifts the soil and removes weeds.

An Elements Tool helps us to remove unwanted Trefoils, plant desired Trefoils, or “harvest” change in our lives and “cure” or “preserve” it.

Tool Cards have words shaded in two colors—blue and green.

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GO: Generate Opposite

Find the most troubling auto-thought or belief and generate its opposite. Write it down and repeat it daily, as if it were true. This helps us visualize what we want to achieve and move toward it, and it helps reprogram habitual negative thoughts. (Example: “I’m worthy of happiness.”) We can also generate the opposite of an unwanted emotion by a change in focus or environment. (Examples: Get out in nature. Read something inspiring. Connect with a friend or loved one.)

Home: Higher Order + ME

Work in collaboration with our divine guidance. Think of divine guidance as our most important partner, and keep open communications. (Example: Put aside some time every morning to meditate and see what our guidance might have to say or what it prompts us to do. Then follow it with a step or shift in thinking.)


The most likely voice that the higher mind will use to communicate lies in your imagination. If we have the ability to imagine how we want to be, at the moment we conceive it, we are it. Play and creativity offer shortcuts we would not be aware of otherwise. (Example: We can write a fairy-tale ending to our story now.)

JI: Joyful Intention

A lens we put in place purposefully that helps us see things in an entirely new, more positive way. (The word Ji is associated with purposeful respect in several languages, by the way.) Often this involves a reinterpretation of neutral or negative events—many times thought of as finding the silver lining of a cloud. (Example: Write in a gratitude journal each morning, giving respectful thanks for the creation of things and people that add goodness to our lives.)

KEY: Know Excitement—Yours

Know (and do) what excites us as much as possible every day. With the discovery of what we truly love to do and the willingness to do it as much as possible every minute of the day, we find our inspiration and our true selves. This tool opens unexpected doors and brings greater clarity. (Example:  As long as it excites us, we’ll write every day. When the excitement has played out, we’ll explore our sense of excitement in some other way.)

Leap of Faith

Behave “as if.” Fake it ‘til we make it. Create our new reality through a game of pretend. (Example: To balance introversion, assume the posture of an extrovert as many times as possible throughout the day.)


More than one reality exists, and we can instantly move from one to the other like a train changing tracks.  Although it is outside our perception, multiple universes have been hypothesized across a broad spectrum of scientific inquiry, including cosmology, physics, and astronomy. Imagine life as a series of stories we invent, running along parallel tracks. Our sense of freedom increases with the ability to move from one to the other at will. (Example: Life is composed of many drafts. Each is better than the one before, and we can move from one to the other at will. The past, present, and future are all negotiable.)

Neutralize Negatives

We are so entrenched in our thoughts that we sometimes need to work incrementally. Try to replace “I hate (fill in the blank)” with “I love (fill in the blank with the same thing).” Seems next to impossible, doesn’t it? One of the easiest ways to neutralize a negative thought or belief is to state a nonjudgmental observation of what is happening. Later, replace the observation with a more positive spin. (Example: Instead of “I’m freezing!,” neutralize it with “The weather has gotten suddenly cold.” or “The wind feels strong.” or “I am more comfortable if I put on something warm.”)


Create an action plan to use these Elements. This might mean picking six favorites and matching them with days of the week, giving one day of rest. (Examples: Monday-Affirmations, Tuesday-Follow intuition, Wednesday-Stay open to creativity, Thursday-Silently wish others well as often as possible, Friday-Do something that excites, Saturday-Behave as if our fairy-tale ending is here now, and Sunday-take a well-deserved rest! Or have a daily routine, dedicating each morning to writing affirmations or a creative re-storying of this moment, this day, or this life, sparked by imagination.) 

elements hints 
  • The Tools—whose names begin with the letters g through o—help with the fruitful work of growth and change.
  • Many of the short words are acronyms—an abbreviation for a longer, more descriptive name for the tool.  For example, Home can be divided into two parts HO (acronym for higher order) and ME. That helps us remember that there are two parts to Home—messages from our higher order or higher self and the “me” who acts on those messages.   
  • The same way tools move dirt around in the garden, Elements Tools shift thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in our thinking mind. The tools unearth those pesky weeds—Trefoils that “blew in and started” without our knowledge and approval. The Tools help us plant new and more positive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (Trefoils, but not the pesky ones) that will generate new growth, both in our minds and in the gardens of our experience. This growth takes the form of internal changes—enhancing our chemistry and pruning and stimulating new growth in the synapses of our minds. It also amends our core interpretation of life, helping us attract events that are more beautifully robust, making life more magical, joyful, and synchronized.

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